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"I am very pleased at this point in choosing Dr. Citron for my glaucoma treatment and cataract surgery.  I needed to make a change from the doctor I previously saw because I just didn't feel as confident with him as I had been.  I chose Dr. Citron from reading his educational background and experience and compared it to previous eye care I had with ophthalmologists with comparable backgrounds.  I feel I chose very wisely with my decision and was even more confident when my retina specialist made a comment of pointing out what beautiful work my doctor had done on my cataract surgery.  Need I say more when doctors admire other doctors' work in different specialties.  Yes, my sight is very precious to me and I would highly recommend Dr. Citron.  This statement is also made in comparison from other similar procedures I've had in the past with other doctors that didn't seem to have had as well of an outcome, just comparing how things were explained by each doctor and how procedures fared afterwards.  Thank you Dr. Citron."

Deborah ~ October 20, 2021

"My father was very impressed with your office, the personnel, and the care he received.  I, his daughter, appreciate that we were not kept waiting beyond our appointment time before we were called.  I also appreciated the care shown toward my father.  I think it was an excellent referral even though it was a bit of a drive."

Gerard ~ November 6, 2021

"Good people.  I hae been going to the doctor's office for years."

Daniel ~ January 7, 2022

"Dr. Marc Siegel and staff were extremely professional.  Dr. Siegel did an excellent jon on my cataract surgery.  I don't need glasses anymore. I am extremely grateful to him for clear and focus eyesight once again."

James ~ March 20, 2022

"Dr. Les is a great guy and doctor.  I came to him by a recommendation, and I have recommended him to others."

Richard ~ July 12, 2022

"Dr. Les Siegel and staff are exceptional, courteous, professional and knowedgeable at all times.  Dr. Les Siegel is truly the highlight of every visit."

Margaret ~ March 2, 2022

"Everyone at the office was great!  So very glad we are going there!  Dr. has helped my husband very much!!  So blessed!!  Thank you."

Robert ~ June 29, 2022

This is a very professional place. EVERYONE on the staff seems to know what they are doing. I am very grateful for all of you people. Thank you so much.  

Eric ~ October 05, 2022

"Dr. Siegel has been my doctor for many years.  He has performed surgery and has been one of the nicest, most compassionate doctors I have every had.  He is by far one of the best."

Linda ~ April 6, 2022

“Dr. Les Siegel saved my eyesight so I’m indebted to him. He also makes me feel important when I come for my pressure checks and his sense of humor makes the visit even better and I love the banter. He is truly a gifted man and doctor and I am thankful that he is my doctor and that I am in his care.” 

Linda ~ October 18, 2022


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The average consultation requires 2 to 3 hours. If special testing or scheduling of surgery is required, you can expect to spend up to one additional hour at our facility. We make every effort to follow closely to our patients' scheduled...

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