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"Meeting Dr. Michael for the first time was very pleasant and relaxing.  I enjoyed his way of conveying with me, his new patient."

Anne ~ August 10, 2017

"Great staff and very organized."

Daryl ~ June 13, 2018

"I was in the office for several hours and thought the Center was exceptionally efficient.  Every technician was helpful and kind and moved me around the office with great expediency."

Marie ~ October 4, 2017

"In my opinion, the Medical Office is efficient and professional.  The experience would be difficult to improve upon."

Joseph ~ December 13, 2017

"It was a great experience.  Professional and courteous.  Everyone was very friendly."

Terri ~ June 29, 2017

"I was very nervous and worried and they helped calm me down.  They're great especially Dr. Marc Siegel, he made me feel very comfortable.  He knew how nervous I was and how worried I was.  The staff was great.  I definitely recommend that place to family and friends.  Definitely 5-star if there is more I would give them."

Intisar ~ December 30, 2017

"Efficient staff in office and doctors.  Met my expectations.  Good service."

Diana ~ February 22, 2017

"Excellent service.  Love them all."


Laura ~ August 18, 2018

"I was very pleased on my first visit with Dr. Marc J. Siegel.  Dr. seemed very kind and informed me of all of the report results, and explained and answered all of my questions.  I would recommend Dr. Marc Siegel even though I only saw him twice.  I will see him again!"

Biagio ~ March 13, 2017

"First appointment was contacted through a phone call.  Great job with the whole staff."

Thomas ~ August 25, 2018


Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find a list of items that you may need to bring with you when visiting one of our Glaucoma Center of Michigan locations and meeting with one of our physicians. Some of the items listed below may not be required at this time...

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