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"Everyone at the Glaucoma Center in St. Clair Shores was very kind and did a very proficient job.  I felt like they really care about their patients and taked great care of you."

Lisa ~ August 27, 2018

"Very professional office!  I left the office with complete confidence of his diagnosis and treatment!  I've already recommended Dr. Siegel to a friend, and will continue to tell others!  Thank you!"

Patsy ~ March 29, 2018

"The office staff are very friendly and professional.  From the time I called to schedule my mother-in-law's initial appointment down to scheduling her eye surgeries, the staff has been very helpful.  We left feeling at ease knowing that she will be in good hands.  Thank you!"

Anonymous ~ November 3, 2017

"Very professional and to the point.  Thanks."

Anonymous ~ November 15, 2017

"Excellent and friendly staff.  The office was quite busy but the wait was very reasonable.  Having your staff guide me from one room to the next for my different tests was seemless and efficient."


Cathleen ~ February 23, 2018

"Everyone was great!  Keep up the good work."

Anonymous ~ September 15, 2017

"Everyone was very kind and courteous!  Dr. Michael Siegel explained my test results in layman's terms so that I could understand easily.  It was my first visit to Dr. Siegel, and I would highly recommend him to a friend or family member."

Dorothy ~ July 20, 2017

"Great and fast service."

Regina ~ November 29, 2017

"You have a very friendly, efficient and helpful staff."

Joyce ~ September 21, 2017

"Everyone was nice and very professional.  The doctor tried to get to know me as a person not only as a patient; he was very knowledgeable."

Anonymous ~ July 13, 2017


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